Video of all-ages drag show in front of children ignites outrage: ‘This is clear child abuse’

Raunchy video of an all-ages drag show in Texas that featured sexually suggestive dancing in front of children has fueled outrage and fear that the radical left is trying to normalize the sexualization of kids.

Sara Gonzales, host of The News and Why It Matters at BlazeTV, attended the event in Plano, Texas, and told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday that the drag show was part of a growing disturbing trend she called “sexual abuse of children.” She warned the radicalized left is trying to normalize including children at these types of events.

“This is something that was overtly sexual,” she said. “And now apparently the left is gaslighting me into thinking that I’m somehow the crazy one for having a problem with this.”

An advertisement for an upcoming drag show said minors were allowed to attend with an accompanying parent or guardian, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reported.

Gonzales said she believes there are adults within these communities who disagree with involving children at drag parties, but they may be afraid to speak out.


“They’re scared of being canceled,” she said. “My message to them is: you have to be on the right side of history here because eventually we will win out, and you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side or excusing this behavior.”

“It’s absolutely inexcusable, and anyone who does not stand up and speak out about it is just as culpable, quite frankly.”

Gonzales argued that bringing children to drag shows and involving them in mature environments is part of a “sinister” attempt to radicalize the entire country, which she said can only be accomplished by confusion.

“And what is the best way to confuse children? Confuse them about their sexuality, confuse them about their gender, expose them to things that their little brains are not ready for yet,” she said. 

“It is leading to chaos, and big daddy government, of course, can be there to pick us all up and take care of us at the end of it.”


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