Kelsey Grammer on his ‘love’ for America, which Founding Father he’d like to play on Broadway

Lin-Manuel Miranda has Alexander Hamilton, and Kelsey Grammer said if he had the chance to portray an American history hero on the Broadway stage, it would be Benjamin Franklin because of his “bawdy history” and “naughtiness.”

Grammer, who has a fondness for U.S. history and years of experience performing for live audiences, expanded on his ideal “Hamilton” moment in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“Playing a character from that time—Franklin would be fun,” Grammer told Fox News Digital. “I am afraid I take Washington too seriously… Whereas the bawdy history of Franklin abroad and as an ambassador for America is marked by wonderful anecdotes about the man’s humor and intellect, and dare I say naughtiness.” 

“He had a remarkable conversion to the American cause while living in England attempting to keep the peace with his English brothers and sisters… it was finally their scorn and disregard for the lives of those back in America that turned him into one of the most ardent of patriots and passionate mouthpieces of the cause for Freedom,” Grammer continued. 


Grammer’s fascination with American history goes beyond Broadway. The award-winning actor and producer is the host of Fox Nation’s “Kelsey Grammer’s Historic Battles for America,” a chronological eight-part series giving viewers an inside look at some of the country’s most monumental battles spanning the American Revolution, the Texas Revolution, the Civil War, and the American Indian Wars. 

“I have always valued our history… I love America,” Grammer said. “I believe it is founded on principles (sic) and universal truths that very few governments can boast. My status as a history buff comes from my constant surprise at just how extraordinary this country is. Bravery and kindness, ferocity and foolhardiness, wisdom and great frivolity have peppered our history — but because this country aims so high, its shortcomings can be assuaged by the fact that, though human and flawed, this country has come closer to its founding aspirations by self-correction and the continuous zealotry of its citizens to form a ‘more perfect union.'”


Grammer credited his interest in U.S. history to one of his high school teachers, a “wonderful soul” who he said he hopes to emulate.

“My interest in US History was first piqued by my high school teacher, Kitty Repke,” Grammer said. “She was a wonderful soul who spoke as if she was on a first-name basis with every character throughout the American Saga. She really was a kick and brought those men and women to life in the classroom.”

“It is in great part because of Kitty that I embarked on this journey, and it is my hope to convert a similar familiarity with the towering characters in our history. I will never match her, but I shall try to invite the audience to appreciate these people as people—flawed and dedicated and courageous beyond measure.”

Although Grammer said he’d take George Washington too “seriously” to properly portray him onstage, he named the nation’s first president as his favorite character from the American Revolution.

“His singular resolve and determination truly did father this country… he is aptly regarded as such,” Grammer said. “He withstood years of doubt and failure in a battle with his compatriots and his enemies to establish our right to exist! Jefferson is a close second for me as it was his words that enumerated that right; but it was Washington who fought to make it so.”


“Historic Battles for America” begins with three episodes on battles during the Revolutionary War, including the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Battle of Brooklyn, and the Battle of Yorktown. Grammer also offers an analysis of the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution, followed by three episodes on the American Civil War, highlighting the First Battle of Bull Run, the Battle of Antietam, and the Siege of Vicksburg. The series concludes with a spotlight on the American Indian Wars’ Battle of the Little Bighorn. 

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