Democrat-linked marketing firm offers $500 for online endorsement of Elissa Slotkin

FIRST ON FOX: A Democrat-linked, progressive marketing firm is offering $500 to content creators to give online endorsements to Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., as she runs for re-election.

Slotkin, one of the many vulnerable Democrats running for re-election in 2022, is on the beneficial end of progressive digital marketing firm People First’s offer to online content creators in the Great Lake State.

The firm is offering half a grand to content creators to give Democrat Slotkin an online endorsement as the midterm elections head into their final stretch.


Slotkin — whose race against Republican candidate Tom Barrett is considered a toss-up — is the subject of a new email marketing campaign from People First, offering $500 to Michigan content creators for an online endorsement. 

An email obtained by Fox News Digital shows People First making the offer to Michigan content creators to “show support” for Slotkin and “combat misinformation online” for a $500 paycheck as part of their “The Truth is Out There Campaign.”

According to the email between Katherine S., a digital relational organizer for People First, and a Michigan business, the firm reached out to the business to “share a paid content partnership with Michigan residents” and made the offer.

“If you’d be interested in helping us in this [get out the vote] effort, feel free to respond directly to this email or by filling out the form below,” the email reads. “We’re offering $500 in payment to those willing to make one social media post or video.”

Neither Slotkin’s campaign nor People First immediately responded to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

People First writes on their website that the election “season is quickly approaching, and with so much at stake in Michigan it can be hard to tell fact from fiction.”

“We are looking for creators who value stable, collaborative, and bipartisan leadership for Michigan,” the website says.

This call for bipartisanship, however, is undermined by the group’s history of campaigning for Democratic presidential candidates, as well as promoting embattled political organizations. 

People First boasts on their website they “activated an army of BIPOC influencers to win a Presidential Election” for President Biden, as well as their work with progressive political organizations Fair Fight and Black Lives Matter.

The group also bragged about working with the children’s show “Sesame Street” to engage “parents on impactful ways to talk to their children about racial equity” and launching Planned Parenthood “on TikTok to champion sexual health for a new generation.”

However, the progressive organization’s Democrat roots go deeper — the group’s Facebook page is managed by the United We Win Super PAC, a single-candidate super PAC supporting Democrat New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

This means the political money being offered to help boost Slotkin’s chances of re-election is likely not even coming from Michigan.

The endorsement offers come as Slotkin faces a tough race in a year predicted to favor Republicans.

Last month, Fox News Digital learned that Rep. Slotkin recently moved into a Lansing, Michigan, condo owned by a lobbyist, who also happens to be one of her campaign donors, in order to run for re-election in a new congressional district.

Slotkin, who currently represents Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, opted to move to Lansing from her family farm in northern Oakland County, just outside of Detroit, in order to run in the newly drawn 7th Congressional District in a year when new congressional maps were drawn following the 2020 census.

“From my perspective, if the district moves and is a Lansing-based district, and that is the district that’s most natural for me to run in, then I will move and live in the Lansing area and run in the Lansing district,” Slotkin told Ingham County Democrats in their party organization’s monthly meeting in September 2021.

According to Michigan voter registration data, Slotkin updated her voting address in May of this year to reflect the address of a home in Lansing currently owned by Jerry Hollister, an executive at Niowave Inc., a Lansing-based pharmaceutical manufacturing company that has received millions in federal funding.

Fox News Digital’s Brandon Gillepsie contributed reporting.


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