Already thinking about spring? These 10 garden items can help you prepare

Thinking about spring may not will it here any faster, but thinking ahead to planting season can help you score a few deals on much-needed gardening equipment. Prepare yourself for warmer weather with basics like pruning shears and gardening gloves or upgrade your planting setup with unique tools and gadgets.

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Here are 10 Amazon finds that can help you plan your gardening journey this spring.

Rubber gardening boots provide protection from the elements in all seasons, but particularly during the muddy spring. With five different styles and a waterproof layer, any avid gardener will appreciate the functionality and style these boots offer.

A good pair of pruning shears is a necessity come spring when you need to cut back overgrown plants. These professional gardening shears are tough, cutting through thick branches on bushes and other woody plants.

A harvesting apron helps you gather veggies and herbs from your garden or eggs from chicken coops all at once. This apron can also double as a kitchen apron, perfect for holding kitchen utensils and other small items. 

Depending on the plant, you can start seeds inside a few months before the last frost. Be prepared with this easy-to-use pop-up greenhouse. The setup is a breeze, and you can move the greenhouse outside when the weather starts getting nice.

If you don’t have the best soil for digging, raised beds can solve the problem. This raised bed kit includes a metal raised bed, in one of five different sizes. Pop it up in the spring, fill it with a mixture of soil, mulch and any other additives you want, and you’re ready to start planting.

Composting is surprisingly easy, especially with the help of a small compost bin you can store outside all year round. The compost bin is easy to use, simply throw in your compostable materials and turn the bin every so often. Eventually, the food scraps will break down into usable soil.

Every gardener needs a good pair of gardening gloves. These leather gloves are durable and come in a variety of styles. Due to the long-lasting material, these gloves have a variety of uses outside just gardening. You can use them when working on other outdoor projects and when you need gloves for work inside.

One of the best times to get a good deal on outdoor equipment is in the winter when demand is low. A leaf blower helps in the spring when it’s time to clean up your yard and in the fall for leaf pickup. This leaf blower is cordless and comes with two batteries and a charger.

A gardening bench helps when you need to kneel over garden beds or just when you want to sit down and take a breather. This bench contains storage spots for your gardening tools and gloves. You can easily fold up the bench and store it when it’s not in use.

Digging holes for flower bulbs is often more difficult than most people think. 

This drill bit acts as an auger, digging the hole for you. Simply attach the bit to your drill and pick the spot where you want to plant. 

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