$300K Cadillac Celesitq electric ultra-luxury car revealed as brand’s most expensive model ever

Cadillac is looking to reclaim its Standard of the World title in a shocking way.

The automaker has revealed the production version of its upcoming Celestiq electric ultra-luxury car with a starting price above $300,000.

The price is more than twice that of Cadillac’s current top model, the $149,990 supercharged Escalade-V SUV.

The full-size Celestiq has an unusual four-door fastback design and will be hand-built to the exact specifications of each customer.


No two will be alike, and Cadillac only expects to complete about two each day after production begins just before Christmas 2023.

A mix of materials, including carbon fiber and aluminum, is used in its construction, along with 115 3D-printed parts, its steering wheel the largest among them.

The Celestiq uses the Ultium electric vehicle platform that debuted with the GMC Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyriq SUV.

It features a 111 kilowatt-hour battery pack, all-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steering and a suspension system with air springs, computer-controlled shocks and an anti-roll system to give it the smoothest-possible ride.

“The innovations Celestiq uses to offer its sophisticated ride isolation are the pinnacle of Cadillac automotive achievement,” Ken Althouse, Celestiq lead development engineer, said.

The Celestiq is powered by two motors with a combined output of 600 horsepower and will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, according to Cadillac.

Its estimated driving range is 300 miles between charges, and it can be refilled with 78 miles worth of electricity in 10 minutes at a public DC fast charging station.

The Celestiq will come equipped with the in-development Ultra Cruise semi-autonomous driving system, which Cadillac says will eventually be able to handle 95% of most driving situations without driver intervention.


The interior has a four-seat layout and a 55-inch digital display spanning the entire dashboard to provide infotainment functions.

Two additional touchscreens are on the center console providing control interfaces for the front and rear passengers, the latter of which are also provided with their own screen in front of them on the backs of the front seats.

All the seats are climate controlled and have “neck scarves” that blow air down over the occupant’s shoulders, plus heated arm rests. Above them is a full Smart Glass Roof that uses embedded particles to allow each quadrant to be dimmed individually.

The AKG Studio Reference Audio System has 38 speakers in the cabin that double as noise-canceling devices, while three speakers on the exterior of the vehicle emit “curated propulsion sounds” to augment the silent electric motors.

Cadillac has not announced any intentions to offer a lower-priced version of the Celestiq, but it does plan to have an all-electric lineup by 2030.


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